A day in the life…

I borrowed this outline from a friend and thought it would be interesting to place my thoughts into this outline and share them with others.
1 year is 1/90th of your lifetime if you live to be 90.
1 month is 1/12th of a year.
1 day is 1/365th of a year or 24 hours.
What I have experienced in 24 hours:
I watched the sunrise as I ran along the shore of the Niagara River.
This morning during my run, I witnessed the wonder of the full moon and the way the clouds seem to have highlighted and painted the sky.
I smiled as I watched a patient grasp the understanding that they can persevere through the difficulties in their life and can experience success.
I watched and smiled as my youngest child, Stephen, turned 21.
I struggled to find my balance at several points throughout the day. I experienced sadness and happiness.
I arrived home to see my wife smiling…for no apparent reason.
I went out with my son and had his first “legal” drink with him as he celebrated his 21st birthday. 
I was reminded that being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely.
I felt gratitude as I witnessed an amazing sunset.
I discovered that even though I truly enjoy what I do for a living, it is possible to do to much.
I felt blessed after having witnessed a couple in their 80’s, walking hand in hand their love for each other still important to each.
I have witnessed the day growing short of daylight but still full of happiness and solitude.
I have learned what we think is wrong with others is typically something we want to change about ourselves.  The sun only rises once each day so appreciate it.  Our breaths are limited notice them. Our heart has no limit to the amount of love we have so love with all your heart.  When the seasons pass and days grow short it is all the moments we noticed that warm our hearts.   

The next twenty-five years

This summer, August 28th to be exact, I turn fifty. Fifty years old!

It feels strange to say in the same way it felt strange to say “I’m turning thirty” or “I’m turning forty.” I’m still trying to figure out where fifty years has gone. I feel as though the time has raced by with little acknowledgement.

I have been told “You’re only as old as you feel.” I don’t feel old but not feeling old does nothing to stop the days from passing. Inevitably I am turning older.

My dad turns seventy-five this year. As the turn of the year arrived, I began to think about his age and my age. In twenty-five years I’ll be the age he is. I began to think about how fast fifty years has expired and bean to think about how the next twenty-five will expire. I began to think about where I am in my life and where I want to go. I began to take stock in my life. I began to clean out the clutter and have begun to move toward a more minimalist, more meaningful life. I have removed relationships which are not beneficial to my emotional health. i have removed possessions which i thought would bring happiness but instead have added stress.

I don’t want to waste the rest of my life, however long that may be.

There are a number of things I would do over but since this is not possible, I don’t dwell in that arena. Instead I focus my thoughts, my energy, my life on making the next twenty-five years more meaningful than the first fifty.

I am lucky, although I am not sure how much of a role luck has played in my life. I have put in a great deal of effort to be a better person; a better husband, father, friend, social worker, etc. For the most part I am happy with my life and with what i have achieved. When I honestly think about the future, I think about building on the successes I have experienced.